Three Steps to Leverage Technology to Position Your Brand to the Future Buyer

You walk into your favorite store and while you start shopping you get a ding on your phone. When you look at what you received, you see you’ve “magically” gotten an offer for an item you were just looking at. This nudges you to take a look and consider a purchase because who doesn’t like a deal that feels hand-crafted just for you? The mere suggestion of a timely offer based on what you like, what you might buy and your preferences is the power of tech advancing the future of retail.

How does something like this happen?

First of all, it doesn’t happen by accident; someone actually knows something about your likes and prior purchase history and wants to present offers that are as relevant to you as possible. We call that Smart Wifi.


3 steps to positioning your brand for the future buyer:

Step 1: Set up guest wifi

Guest wifi is now considered to be a given at venues. About 1 in 10 customers admit to leaving a venue if free wifi isn’t available for them to utilize. Right out the gate, you are losing business simply because you don’t offer guest wifi. Once you do have guest wifi, though, 50% of customers will spend more money because they’re spending more time in the store. A consumer is more likely to visit and remain at a location if there is access to free wifi. SmartWifi gives retailers the ability to set up a secure guest wifi that does not interfere with employee wifi and provides customers with a valued experience.

Step 2: Collect and use analytics to understand the customer

Through this guest wifi, the retailer can collect rich data that can be used to research their customers’ buying behavior and online preferences. This information allows retailers to gain a clearer understanding of who they are serving. So guest wifi is a win for the customer and a win for you. The analytics in SmartWifi help retailers take customer’s demographics, social interests, and location and turn that data into rich insights.

Step 3: Drive and design timely marketing campaigns through wifi

The customer analytics can then be used to put together personalized marketing campaigns through the guest wifi. Imagine pushing out an email or text message to your customer through personalized marketing campaigns that are found in SmartWifi. If a customer has an upcoming birthday, you can send them a special offer. If it’s the tenth time a customer has returned to the store, you can send them a discount to show you appreciate their business. With the right guest wifi, you have the ability to gather this information and create campaigns that are individualized to the customer. From there you can influence buyer behavior and enhance the customer experience.


This is exactly the power of SmartWifi. Remember the most important thing is getting the right wifi and tools to make the second and third step a reality. Learn more about how to revolutionize your customers’ experience by starting a conversation with the SmartWifi folks at TEC. We are all about positioning you for the buyer of tomorrow.

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