Collaboration: Work Anywhere, Anytime, with Anyone

We create collaboration solutions that empower you to access the people and information you need anytime, from anywhere, on any device. Experience the power of effortless collaboration with TEC.


TEC’s Collaboration Solutions Include:

  • Call center screen pops
  • Call recording
  • Unified communications
  • Unified mobility
  • Collaborative workspaces online

Work Without Borders

Collaboration is borderless communication. Voice, messaging, video, IM, chat and presence applications put your team in touch across time and space. Access information anytime and from anywhere; quickly and easily connect to the information you need to work most effectively; collaborate dynamically whether co-located or working remotely.


We make it easier for people to work together through collaboration. Our collaboration solutions enhance revenue opportunities, boost your competitive advantage, shorten sales cycles and reduce time to market by more efficiently bringing people and information together.


Help create the foundation for positive customer service with collaboration, a primary factor in building a stronger business. Netech and our partners’ products can help you engage more proactively with your customers by escaping from the largely reactive mode of traditional call centers, promote true customer intimacy, satisfaction, and loyalty and connect people with the information, expertise, and support they need when they need it most.


TEC has the experience and insight to create a system for your business that facilitates open and ongoing exchange of ideas, information and innovation between teammates, partners and customers. We deliver rock solid communication solutions that support your staff wherever they work.


Contact TEC today to learn more about which collaboration tools can enable growth and create opportunity for you.