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You have a firewall, but you still got hacked.

We Make Business IT Easier for You

What does easier Business IT mean?

We deliver Cybersecurity solutions that protect your network and data from cyber-attacks.

We deliver Managed IT services that take the pressure off of your IT staff.

We deliver Data Center solutions that are secure and flexible.

Let TEC make Business IT easier for you.

Cybersecurity Solutions for Business

Cybersecurity is changing quickly. We hear about new viruses and malware attacks almost every day. And as new Cybersecurity solutions are rolled out to address new cyber-attacks, IT directors are left with more questions.

If you’re asking these kinds of cybersecurity questions:

  • “What’s the best malware protection solution for my business?”
  • “What do I do after a network security breach?”
  • “What’s the best endpoint security solution for my network?”

TEC has your answers.

A Premier Partner

TEC Communications strives to maintain the highest standards of Cisco certification. As a result, we are recognized as an Advanced Collaboration Architecture Specialization with an eye on helping you pair business outcomes with the very best technology architecture and communication solutions available to businesses today. This Cisco premier certification guarantees that our team has demonstrated business and technical acumen around understanding both the business and technical needs of Cleveland businesses.


A Cisco VOIP Solution Story

Another vendor had left Container Port Group’s VOIP implementation in “a mess”. Check out this short video to see how TEC’s VOIP Solutions Team implemented a Cisco VOIP solution and fixed that.


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