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Cloud: Unburden Your Business

TEC helps you identify your needs and select a cloud strategy that delivers the security, speed, and flexibility you need to meet them.

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Initially employed primarily for startups and large companies, the cloud is now an empowering force for nearly all businesses. It allows their workers to be connected and function from any place, at any time, and from any device. A strong cloud strategy can enable you to redirect people, time, and capital away from IT maintenance and gain the security, speed, and agility necessary to grow your business.

Our customizable cloud solutions are designed to simplify your workload. Opt for a flexible and scalable cloud solution to drive your business forward. Rather than investing your precious time and resources in IT maintenance, we assist you in shifting your focus towards activities that genuinely contribute to your business’s success.

At TEC, we take the time to learn what your business needs. Then, we design, build, and deliver a custom-made cloud solution to ensure your long-term success. We aim to help businesses like yours make the most of their applications, keep their data safe, and supercharge their innovation.

The Cloud Helps Enterprises

  • Become more flexible and agile
  • Streamline processes, especially with remote offices and workers
  • Spend less time and money on IT maintenance
  • Gain heightened security controls
  • Achieve operational efficiency and greater profitability

TEC Offers a Variety of Cloud Solutions

Cloud-Managed Network

Security appliances to keep your data safe and your bandwidth flowing:

  • Managed Wireless Access Points
  • Switches
  • Cisco Meraki Security Cameras
  • SD-WAN

Managed Infrastructure

  • Cisco HyperFlex Data Center infrastructure for a robust and secure private cloud
  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) for scalable computing resources on-demand over the internet
  • Co-location provides secure infrastructure resources off-site

Hosted Collaboration

Interactive meetings, video, voice, and messaging—whether across campus or the globe:

  • Cisco Webex Meetings leverage interactive video and whiteboards to create meaningful meetings that are simple and stress-free
  • Cisco Webex Teams enables continuous teamwork in one place
  • Cisco Webex Calling offers the features of a traditional phone system in the cloud


Protect your organization from the data center to endpoints with cloud-based layered security products like:

  • Cisco Umbrella provides a strong first line of defense against internet threats and ransomware
  • Cisco Stealthwatch Cloud detects malicious activity using machine learning
  • Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) for Endpoints continuously monitors for any malware that may sneak onto your network

Cloud Backup and Recovery

Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) and Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) provide easy and affordable ways to protect critical systems, apps, and data for quick and seamless recovery after an unexpected event or security incident.

  • Protects your primary server environment and other critical systems
  • Allows you to recover quickly to mitigate the ransom demand
  • Frees up your IT department so it can focus on your business, not the backup chores

TEC’s Managed Services

Protect your investment by letting us ensure your technology works and keeps working exactly how you need it with:

  • Support of voice, network, security, WAN, desktops, and servers
  • 24/7/365 expert monitoring of everything under management
  • Full remediation of problems that arise and optional help desk support

Focus on What Matters Most

Our customizable cloud solutions help you redirect people, time, and capital away from IT maintenance and toward activities that create value for your business. Highly scalable cloud solutions can be adjusted to reduce energy and space usage, simplify operations, and enable more accurate budget forecasting.

Future-Proof Your Business

Contact TEC now to see how we can help you enjoy constant protection across your company while supporting multiple sites and reducing application performance impact to zero with the cloud.

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