Cloud: Unburden Your Business

TEC helps you identify your needs and select a cloud strategy that delivers the security, speed and flexibility you need to meet them.


TEC’s Cloud Solutions Include:

  • Voice
  • Cisco Webex and Webex Board
  • IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)
  • DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service)
  • Backup and Recovery as a Service
  • Co-location
  • Microsoft Office 365


Focus on what matters most

Our customizable cloud solutions help you redirect people, time and capital away from IT maintenance and toward activities that create value for your business. Highly scalable, cloud solutions can be adjusted as needed, reduce energy and space usage, simplify operations and enable more accurate budget forecasting.


With TEC’s Disaster Recovery as a Service solutions in place, you can rest assured that bad things won’t make your business go down. Our disaster recovery platform gives you peace of mind by continuously replicating your primary server environment’s data, applications and operating systems to a secure data center.

Future Proof Your Business

Contact TEC now to see how we help you enjoy constant protection across your company while supporting multiple sites and reducing application performance impact to zero with the cloud.