There is Cisco Webex. And there’s everyone else.

Remote conferencing with security in mind

An increase in remote work is driving the need for video conferencing solutions to connect people during the Coronavirus pandemic. Numerous companies have quickly deployed technologies for off-site access to remote employees who need accurate information, access to servers, and business efficiencies. Corporate security may have been unintentionally sacrificed.


For all organizations and their users, security should be a fundamental concern.

The stakes are high for ensuring safe web conferences. Frequently, business-critical communications focus on product and patent details, personnel records, and details of corporate financial information.


An unsecured videoconferencing solution will leave your business vulnerable to cyberattacks and costly security breaches.


Cisco Webex is a secure solution that offers online meetings that feel like face-to-face ones. Webex is a feature-rich tool that’s easy to use. Webex combines multi-layered physical, application, and platform security into a safer web conferencing experience.


Effective online meeting security begins with encryption and configurable security options for administrators. With Webex, administrators can manage and enforce end-to-end security policies for host and presenter privileges.


Additionally, lock and moderation controls allow you to keep spaces private, blocking out uninvited viewers from attending your meeting. Lastly, Webex protects user information without compromising on must‑have features like secure search for stored and shared content.


Not encrypting web conferencing traffic is like leaving the door and windows to your home wide open: You are allowing any viewer to see what you’re doing and planning, with the possibility of stealing valuable and proprietary information.


Not encrypting meetings is an invitation for a security breach.


Every employee, customer, supply chain participant, and investor wants companies to embrace IT security throughout their technology system.


Cisco Webex provides that with videoconferencing that is secure, easy to use, reliable, and effective.


The flexibility of Webex means that you can make sure each meeting is done the right way, with appropriate security settings for safe and productive collaboration.


Gartner has recognized Cisco as a Leader in its 2019 Magic Quadrant for Meeting Solutions for the 12th consecutive year.


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