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Relationships with customers – and on a larger stage a business’ overall reputation – can only go as far as your tools allow.  Count efficient and productive communication with those customers (and among your internal team) as one of the most essential.

Enter Cisco Webex Teams.

Webex Teams is a collaboration app, specifically engineered for continuous teamwork, that brings people together instantly and effortlessly.  Research (which we’ll show you in a bit) has shown Webex Teams to be a major asset in driving an organization’s productivity, giving employees the resources to further their business and buoying worker satisfaction.  Webex Teams features secure video meetings, calling, messaging, file sharing, whiteboarding, editing and more – all in a single app.  An app that lets you instantaneously bring people together (from inside and outside your company) in secure audio and HD video workspaces – anytime, anywhere, on virtually any device.


Today’s business competition has never been so extreme, making the strength of your organization – its talent – the difference-maker. To support that talent, enterprises need tools that bring people together easily and enable them to work together productively, as well as keep information secure.

According to global research and advisory firm Gartner, projected revenue for the Audio/Video Conferencing industry will hit $7.1 billion by 2021.  And a separate Gartner survey found that 72 percent of global business leaders say ‘effective team communication’ has become exceedingly important in recent years. Furthermore, the very definition of ‘teams’ has evolved from what was traditionally strictly internal staff to a broader subset that also includes partners, customers, advisors/consultants, and in some cases competitors.

For all its importance, however, working together is becoming more complex as collaborators use different applications for messaging, meetings, email, calendar scheduling, file sharing, etc. These compartmentalized products lack interoperability, negatively affect performance, and hamper productivity. IT staff are challenged with keeping track of every device and app, all the while ensuring that all shared information is secure and compliant. The result of that confusion? User workflows are fragmented, with IT wrestling with consequences from lowered ROI to potential security breaches. For teams to maximize their productivity, effective centralized team collaboration is critical.


The rich list of Webex Teams features is engineered to optimize efficient team communication more than any other app on the market, with the goal of increasing a workplace’s productivity.  In the past, the perception was that multiple tools and apps were needed in order to be productive. But juggling those tools caused disconnect and pulled time and energy away from the task at hand. Decreasing productivity. Webex Teams eliminates the complexity of using multiple tools and apps for collaboration.  When you create a “Space” in Webex Teams, you build a secure virtual work space where all day-to-day interactions from messaging, to file sharing, to whiteboarding are stored in one location. Simplifying operation and collaboration.

Adding team members to that space is quick and easy. And it is not limited to your internal organization. Add external partners, consultants or anyone else on your team with their email address.

When it’s time to meet, conference calls can be started instantly. Requiring members to simply press join on their Webex Teams app. No more scrambling around to find the meeting invites with the toll number and meeting number to enter. Participants can share their screen within the Teams app while on a call or live share a digital whiteboard, where all participants can edit and draw remotely at the same time.

Enhance your video experience with other Webex Devices like the Webex Board and Webex Room Kit. The Webex Teams app works directly with these devices wirelessly so when you enter a meeting/conference room, it will detect the Webex Teams App is installed on your device, great you, and allow you to connect to it. Once connected, you can start meetings, share your screen, and pull up any of the files stored within your space. All without plugging in a single cable!

Additionally, Webex Teams can even move the audio and video of a live call from one device to another with a single click or swipe. On a call, but need to run? Simply swipe the call back down from the Webex Board or Room Kit to your phone or laptop without disruption.

Other key attributes:

  • Complete end-to-end cybersecurity protection for all conferences, calls and users
  • Intuitively adjusts for time zone changes
  • Webex App Hub, which offers seamless integrations to productivity suites like LifeBox, Service Now, Trello, Asana, Salesforce, and Jira to connect your team with work in other tools
  • Team members can join Webex team meetings from any standards-based SIP video device such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom, from their phone using a call-in numbers


Cisco Webex Teams is the most widely adopted and trusted meetings service on the market.Webex brings people all over the globe together, as if they were in the same room. It slashes significantly the time and cost associated with traveling to client-stakeholder face-to-face meetings, acting as a ‘traveling salesman.’  Most importantly, Webex Teams allows its users to forget about technology…and focus on what really matters.

And Cisco’s own collaboration study bore some key outcomes from companies who have upped their commitment to collab:  68 percent of business leaders are looking to extend collaboration to include external parties. These expanded groups are increasingly comprised of staff working remotely from offsite/home offices; 67 percent of those managers reported an increase in remote employee productivity after the adoption of collaboration solutions.

Managing every aspect of a business in today’s world is tough enough. Why add logistics that impede your workers’ ability to do the job they’re paid to do?  Reach out and let us show you how Cisco Webex Teams eliminates a slew of headaches, streamlines the way you communicate and collaborate, and enables your teams to concentrates on growing your organization’s bottom line.


TEC Communications is a Cleveland-based Cisco Premier Certified Partner – in fact, the first Cisco technology partner in Northern Ohio – and trusted IT solutions provider celebrating its 40th Anniversary in 2019.  Go to www.tec4it.com or call us at 440.333.5903 to find out how TEC’s Video-Voice-Messaging Collaboration solutions to help empower your staff to work seamlessly together and maximize your organization’s productivity.


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