Accelerate Customer Experience with Amazon Connect Contact Lens

Taking a closer look at Amazon Contact Lens

What is it, and why is it important?

Contact Lens is the new analytic feature of Amazon Connect. It was designed to supplement current contact center analytics by providing more robust real-time insights. Powered by machine learning, this feature gives businesses a better understanding of customer sentiment, trends in customer feedback, and an awareness of compliance risks with transcripts and audio components. Because the data is in real time, supervisors may proactively work with contact center personnel to solve customer challenges, as well as quickly share exceptional responses and train additional staff quickly.

How does it work?

Using speech to text, intelligent search capabilities, and natural language processing, Contact Lens transcribes customer-agent conversations and provides fully searchable archive and surface valuable real time customer insights.

To protect your customer’s privacy, sensitive data such as name, address, and credit card information, can be redacted from transcripts and audio recordings.

Why is it important?

More than ever, fantastic customer service is a competitive advantage. Often, contact center employees are the only personal connection a customer has with your company. Help the contact center team provide a favorable customer experience.  Give your supervisors the data they need to train and encourage their staff.  With Contact Lens, supervisors can easily and quickly recognize effective conversations and can help when needed. Successful agent-customer interactions and greater customer satisfaction are vital and they are realistic goals with Amazon Contact Center Lens.

What are the benefits?

Real-time analytics.  Supervisors can flag key phrases such as “not happy,”  “cancel,” and “poor product quality.”  They can also create alerts for aspects of customer sentiment, like raised voices.  If the selected conditions are met, supervisors will receive a real time alert. This allows them to provide assistance proactively or have the call transferred. Not only does the call get transferred, but the transcript transfers with it, eliminating the need for the customer to repeat the conversation.

Some of the other benefits include the Post-call analytics. For example, the contact search page allows supervisors to search for calls based on specific words and phrases mentioned by the customer or the agent.

Additionally, Contact Lens for Amazon Connect also analyzes the sentiment of words being spoken by the customer and generates a score between -5 (most negative) to +5 (most positive).

Supervisors can search based on the customer sentiment score at the beginning and/or end of the call and use the data to identify customer experience issues. The post-call analytics also include non-talk time, defined as silence plus hold time) to help with agent training and newer customer issues.

Amazon Contact Center Lens offers real-time machine learning to accelerate the vitally important human customer experience offered by your company.

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