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September 2023 – TEC Communications, a leading provider of versatile IT solutions and managed services, is excited to announce the successful renewal of its Cisco Customer Experience Specialization (CX) certification.

This recognition, the Cisco Customer Experience Specialization, is a testament to TEC Communications’ outstanding expertise in crafting and seamlessly integrating solutions at every stage of the customer journey – from initial implementation to adoption, expansion, and renewal. It highlights the significant value that TEC brings to its customers and showcases the company’s substantial investments in terms of time, resources, and dedication.

Earning this certification is no small feat. It involves a rigorous application process, which includes a thorough business audit, carefully validated by both Cisco and an independent third-party organization. It also assesses TEC’s overall customer experience and customer success strategy, underscoring TEC’s unwavering commitment to delivering excellence to its clients.

Since the early 1990s, TEC and Cisco have partnered to deliver technology solutions that will help transform your business and drive results. TEC Communications strives to maintain the highest standards of Cisco certification. As a result, we’re also certified Advanced Collaboration Architecture Specialization, Webex Contact Center Specialization, and more.

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