What you’re missing when using basic guest wifi

Guest wifi is now considered to be a given at venues, stores and restaurants. About 1 in 10 customers admit to leaving a venue if free wifi isn’t available for them to utilize. The fact of the matter isn’t if you should have guest wifi, it’s what kind of wifi best benefits you and your business.

If you’re going to pay to give something free to your guests, though, you should be getting something out of it as well. That’s why when it comes to the wifi you have, you need to make sure it is not basic free wifi. You need something beyond a secure connection that doesn’t disrupt the employee wifi. Something that will not only keep customers to stay at your venue, but increase their spending through a personalized customer experience.


Go beyond simple guest wifi with these 3 benefits:


1. Understanding consumers through rich analytics

Get to know your customer in a variety of ways. Understand their actions in your store through dwell times and location tracking. Learn what customers’ social interests are. Through learning more about your customer, you can segment and redirect users as they login to your wifi by their demographics.

Create whole advertising campaigns based on what your customers’ social interests are. If you see a trend that your customers are fans of the city’s baseball team, consider advertising at the stadium. Or create a marketing campaign that has a baseball theme. Learn what it is your customers like through a better guest wifi and cater towards those interests.

2. The ability to engage with your consumers

Create targeted communications that can increase customer spend with the help of the insights gathered from the platform. Update guests on what’s going on in your venue in real-time through email or text. Send personalized coupons or offers on a customer’s birthday or when the customer has visited the store 5 times. Get a conversation going by connecting through social media.

Using SmartWifi you can do all of that. The platform can make communicating with customers easier and creates a personalized experience with your guests that enhance the customers’ relationship with the brand.

3. Utilize to generate revenue

Get your wifi to pay for itself with the revenue generating opportunities. Create new revenue streams through an enhanced wifi platform with third party advertising and sponsorship opportunities. Use your splash page as an advertising opportunity for yourself or a partner. Get the message across as soon as a consumer logs onto the wifi. Get your wifi to pay for itself with the revenue generating opportunities.

It’s time to step up your guest wifi with SmartWifi, the business intelligence platform that helps you better understand your consumers with best in market analytics. Ask how you can create a highly personalized experience by contacting us at sales@tec4it.com or https://tec4it.com/smartwifi-contact/

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