What “signs” are you missing to keep your customers happy?

Sally walks into a store and is looking around to learn more about a new product. This is something that a merchandiser would assume is easy due to  the layout and signage in the store, but Sally is having trouble and eventually leaves without making a purchase.

This happens more often than not. Two out of three shoppers who seek to find information within a store report that they didn’t find what they needed. As a merchandising executive, the goal is to stock and display products to ensure the consumers will make a purchase. Unfortunately, 88% of in-store displays go unnoticed by shoppers and 43% of those who don’t find the info they want leave the store frustrated.


There was a time when figuring out how to accommodate the shopper was both time consuming and difficult – technology has changed all of that. In-store analytics, like those found in SmartWifi, are a game changer for merchandisers.


3 Ways that analytics can help keep customers happy:

1. Understand shopper movement

Analytics from SmartWifi can show the path a customer takes in a store. Using SmartWifi’s location tracking, the merchandiser can see how a customer travels through the store. You can see if your store signs are placed in a way that match the patterns and paths a customer travels in your store.

2. Take guesswork out of product placement decisions

Get a feel for who goes where in your store so you have the right product in front of the right people. You can see where a certain demographic typically flocks. If you see a Sally typically staying towards the front of the store, make sure to place the product you want her to see nearby.

3. Identify high and low engagement areas

Understand where people are and aren’t going using location analytics with SmartWifi. You can see where there is heavy footfall. You can see if your store signs are being interacted with or if they’re placed where little to no one goes.


Understanding your customers based on location and demographics is a huge time saver so you can focus on other areas of your job. Don’t let your customer leave frustrated and without making a purchase.

Learn more about how to revolutionize your customers’ experience by starting a conversation with the SmartWifi folks at TEC. We are all about positioning you for the buyer of tomorrow.


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