About Us

TEC was the first Cisco Partner in Northern Ohio and we’re pretty proud of that. We’re even more proud of the fact that TEC customers stay TEC customers.

Why Companies Do Business with TEC

We are LOCAL. We like what we do, which is why we’re really good at it. When working with TEC you get a team of people that care about you. It is, and has always been, the mission of TEC to build strong relationships, offer state-of-the-art technology solutions, and back all that with superior customer service through trust and integrity.


People who work with us say we are:


Five simple realities help us deliver satisfying service and stunning results:

We design for
results, not dollars.
We’re nimble
for you.
We’re a
familiar face.
We get it right
the first time.
We think creatively.


Applying creativity to your technology challenges helps us identify and implement the best solution the first time, saving you time and making your work easier. From eliminating everyday annoyances to tackling your most complex initiatives, TEC is here for you.

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