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TEC Customer Testimonial by Dan Ambroziak

Dan Ambroziak, director of IT for ContainerPort Group, explains how he was introduced to TEC after a failed VoIP implementation with another vendor. TEC took over the stalled project, had the first site up and running in a week, and completed the company-wide implementation.


TEC Customer Testimonial by Steve Shemo

Steve Shemo, head of IT for Oatey Company, explains why he considers TEC Communications a crucial strategic partner in his company’s growth plans. TEC provides Cisco network care to the global manufacturer and distributor of plumbing products.

Applied HHCE

“We have struggled for years to find a key partner to help us with our phone system. TEC came in, helped us with our project and took ownership and care throughout the process and treated it like it was their own. TEC is the right fit for not only phones but other IT related projects. Our relationship continues to grow with them because they are the right fit for us. TEC brings new ideas to the table, while supporting your initiatives. TEC is the right fit for any other company that partners up with them!

—Jason Flanigan – IT Director – Applied Home Healthcare Equipment

FFR Merchandising, Inc.

We moved into a new building 6 years ago and bought our first VoIP phone system at that time. We bought it from a vendor that had been doing other work for us; our time schedule got crunched so we didn’t dig deeply. This was a large national company, what could go wrong?

Then we moved in, phones worked ok, until there was a major power outage. Our backup power ran out and the phone system was ungracefully shut down. When power was restored, no outside calls in or out. Called the phone company, their lines were fine. Called the company we bought it from, they sent a guy out. He was here all day; we were without outside calling for a full day before he finally determined the problem was the shutdown corrupted the configuration.

Year goes by, this time the AC shut down because of a power glitch, had to remotely kill power to the room as it had reached 120º F. Again, another day without outside phone lines before they could fix.

We had other work poorly done by them and finally decided they must be incompetent and began looking for someone that actually knew how to implement and fix Cisco. Our telecom broker suggested TEC. We gave them a try and discovered they really did know what they were doing.

We are just finishing a Cisco Phone System full replacement because the old hardware was end of support. (Really, in 6 years, what did they sell us?) In this process, we found many things that weren’t even done well in the configuration of the old system.

TEC may not be a large national company (maybe that’s a good thing?) but I’m not talking to anyone else for anything Cisco again.

—Mike Peck, Senior Network Systems Analyst, FFR Merchandising, Inc.

He also sent the image below after we bailed them out of a jam on a Friday night at 8pm…



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