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Location Analytics

Access a wealth of analytics from demographics, behavior, social interests, visitor locations, operating system, data usage and other real-time collected data. SmartWifi gives you the opportunity to target your audience with customized campaigns, branded login pages, EMarketing & SMS, Targeted sponsorship opportunities and real-time engagement. Send highly relevant marketing communications to visitors as they go through your business’s venue, effectively layout your venue, create alerts when line wait times are busy, and send real-time promotions as customers travel through the venue.

What if…

…you could provide time-sensitive offers that entice a visitor to return to your location based on information you had acquired from that visitor’s prior experience inside your venue?

What if…

you could customize messages to your visitors based on their demographics and personal preferences.

More importantly, what if…

…you could welcome someone back and provide real-time offers based on that visitor’s prior buying history?

Introducing the SmartWifi Solution


Discover a revolutionary way to enhance the customer experience.