Maintenance Plans

We consume the technology we recommend so we know how to design, install and maintain it. Our maintenance plans keep your network and systems operational so you can keep improvement, innovation and growth alive at your company.

Coverage Levels


  • Overnight, next-day parts replacement

  • Same day onsite parts replacement by certified engineers

  • 24x7x365 maintenance support


Maintenance Plan Options

Manufacturer hardware and software maintenance contracts are available from all of our vendor partners.
These plans are an enhancement to the standard warranty that comes with the solution and include:

  • Cisco SmartNet maintenance
  • Cisco Software Subscription service
  • Adtran ACES maintenance
  • TEC Custom Maintenance Contract – A customized maintenance plan designed to go beyond a manufacturer-offered plan. You may have older hardware that is no longer supported by the manufacturer but is still in production and critical to your environment. TEC can stock spare components for these types of situations so you avoid having to replace the equipment due to lack of support.
  • TEC Blended Maintenance Plan – We help you control rising maintenance costs by using manufacturer maintenance for high-value items and a TEC spare-parts plan for other devices.
  • TECcare Support – Our convenient online ticketing system lets you track cases, get real time updates and access a knowledge library when you prefer self-help. An industry-leading remote desktop control system enables our staff to access your network fast for emergency diagnosis. Monthly, quarterly and annual support plans are available.
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