Balancing VPN Security and Ease of Use

VPN Security – What could go Wrong??

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Remote worker frustrated with VPN security

Nearly everybody uses multiple devices to connect to the network wherever they are and you know your company isn’t an exception. With these multiple endpoints, though, lies a greater risk of cyber hackers breaching your VPNs security and wreaking havoc on your company’s network.

In the words of John F. Kennedy, “The time to repair the roof is while the sun is still shining.” And now is the time to put a plan into action that will allow employees to access network from outside the office. The time to formulate that plan is now. Check out our 3 ways to ensure you secure your VPN while giving your employees what they need to do their job from any location.

3 Best Practice for Securing an Employees Access to VPN:

1) You need a VPN that is easy to use but does not impact productivity.

VPN security is a balancing act. A VPN needs to be simple for an employee to use or employees will forget to use the VPN and offices connect direct to the internet, bypassing the perimeter defenses you have in place. Typically to deal with this you need to install more software on every laptop or device, or ship another box to every branch office, adding more layers of complexity to security. Bypass all of that by using a VPN that is easy for users and does not affect productivity.

2) Prepare for Security Woes.

An employee downloads unapproved application without your company’s consent increasing the risk of introducing malware and/or allowing unauthorized users to gain access to an organization’s network and data. The right VPN technology, such as Cisco AnyConnect’s per-app VPN for mobile devices prevents unapproved apps from going through the VPN tunnel. This deviates potential harm from reaching the network while still protecting IT-approved corporate apps.

3) Implement “Mobile-Friendly” Infrastructure.

Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility is part of a platform-based approach that tightly couples other IT security infrastructure, going beyond legacy VPN clients by integrating threat prevention and access policy so that workers can work productively and securely on any device from anywhere. With this approach, intelligence is exchanged between the security functions so that security operations can be more effective in delivering pervasive protection for mobile endpoints.

Don’t let your company be at risk when employees access your company’s network from outside the office. For more information on how TEC can help improve your team’s productivity while staying well protected go to…



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