Ransomware, Malware and the Tools to Foil Them

Files and information are the lifeblood of an organization. Keeping this information, and your organization’s productivity, intact and secure is nonnegotiable.

Mike Hornbaker (Presenter)

Mike has been in the IT industry since 1995 and has focused specifically on information security for the last 11 years.

Melanie Schilling (Moderator)

I’m excited to discuss the hot (and frightful) topic of ransomware. Be prepared for a great presentation from Mike as he shares the best tips to protecting your network.

The Focus

In comes ransomware, malicious software, or malware, that locks up the information on an individual’s or an organization’s computer like documents, photos and music. It will not release these files until the user pays a fee — or ransom — to unlock these files and get them back. Without the appropriate defenses, ransomware can inflict enough damage to reduce an organization to operating with pen and paper.

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