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What do these retail buzzwords actually mean? The traditional retail lingo is constantly evolving. The phrase “check out” once simply meant to go to a physical aisle, wait in line and have the cashier ring you out. Now it can mean to go to the online shopping cart, enter in credit card information and click to get your purchase delivered directly to the door.

Rapidly developing retail technology is a game changer for stores, but it also brings new industry jargon to the table.

Three Key Terms Powering Modern Retail

Digital Signage

Previously if a retailer wanted to draw attention to something they would display a static print sign, banner or billboard. Digital Signage technology changes that in modern retail. Digital signage is electronic signs showing content and messaging to customers in the most targeted and interactive way. Coupled with the right technology, like SmartWifi, digital signage has the ability to create a completely personalized experience for a customer. Imagine having a new store visitor welcomed and encouraged to sign-on to the guest wifi. Or have returning customers welcomed back and shown a current offer that is targeted for their demographic. With today’s ever-improving technology, this is easily turned into a reality.


One might consider this to be synonymous with multi-channel or cross-channel, where there is a presence on different channels and platforms ranging from brick-and-mortar to online to catalog. What makes omni-channel different, though, is customers are able to engage and interact across these channels simultaneously or interchangeably. Being an omni-channel retailer means giving the customers a seamless experience by combining things like the physical store, website or mobile. Guest wifi through SmartWifi is the perfect starting point to make this happen.


Retail in real-time is about delivering a seamless experience to the customer whenever and wherever by analyzing the customer – in real-time as they shop. This can include tracking a shopper’s behavior through the store and sending an alert about a current sale depending on their location within the store. Location tracking, found in SmartWifi, can do just that to tailor and fit your customers’ needs.

If you want to learn more about these terms or other revolutionizing lingo and how they can be used to provide a high-quality experience for your consumers, contact us. Learn more about how to revolutionize your customers’ experience by starting a conversation with the SmartWifi folks at TEC. We are all about positioning you for the buyer of tomorrow.

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