Protecting your Network and Data from Cyber Security threats like Malware and Ransomware


When it comes to cyber security, defense is the best offense. Layering your Security builds the safest network. Learn about Talos, AMP, Umbrella and Next Generation Firewalls, the top in class performers worthy of squaring off against even the toughest of cyber threats!

Why Should I Watch?

In this webinar, we review the threat landscape before discussing how to keep your business protected from malware and ransomware. We break down and discuss the following :

  • Talos – The “Secret Sauce” interpreting information from the entire Cisco Portfolio Suite to make sure your network is defended.
  • AMP – Protect your network from your devices and your employees’ devices
  • Umbrella – OpenDNS to protect your endpoints wherever they go

At TEC, we believe in our clients being protected before, during and after an attack and our suite of security tools allows us to do just that. Find out where each of these products play in the ultimate team defense against an ever-evolving threat landscape.

CyberSecurity Webinar Download

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