Network Security: Thwart Every Attack

TEC empowers you with network security that detects and disrupts suspicious activity before it weakens your productivity and reassign key IT resources where they can do the most good – supporting the growth and innovation of your business. Industry leading security solutions help us identify your vulnerabilities and bolster them.


Network Security

TEC’s Network Security Solutions Include:

  • Next generation firewall
  • Advanced malware protection
  • Email and web security
  • Identity services
  • Content filtering
  • Anti-X
  • Intrusion detection and prevention
  • OpenDNS

As a Cisco reseller and partner, TEC’s Network Security Experts have the knowledge and the technology to protect your network from attacks from all vectors, including stealth cyber-attacks from email and website-delivered malware and hacker intrusion attacks.

Let our Network Security Experts keep your network – and your data – safe from cyber-criminals.

Don’t react. Predict.

We know that the best way to stop cyber attacks is to anticipate them. TEC’s cybersecurity solutions protect your network without frustrating your employees by empowering you to accurately assess risk, mitigate vulnerability and when necessary, act quickly to protect your business from those who would try to hurt it.


TEC helps you stop hackers in their tracks with adaptive, predictive firewall technology that builds a fortress around your trade secrets and sensitive information.


We know how disruptive malware can be to productivity and help you avoid the frustration that comes with it by protecting your network and the machines running on it with next generation malware solutions that help with cybersecurity.


We free you to talk, research and explore without fear of your conversations or browsing activity being compromised or security breached.


TEC knows that speed is the key to success in most industries. Contact us today to see how we can help your business or organization pursue security opportunities and innovation with confidence.

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