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The rise of unlimited data plans with every major U.S. wireless carrier has some people questioning if WiFi is even a relevant thing anymore. It’s been thrown out there that consumers don’t need to log on to a WiFi network to avoid costly overage charges anymore and therefore threatens to render WiFi obsolete.
There is no denying these changes, but there is no reason to stop considering guest WiFi for your venue, restaurant, or attraction. That being said, why do you still want to invest in the right guest WiFi provider?

4 Reasons Why Guest WiFi is Needed Now More than Ever

1. Unlimited doesn’t truly mean unlimited

There’s always some kind of clause or small print that is often looked over. The carrier can deprioritize the user so their high speed data is no longer endless. Basically, the user will experience slower speeds and will need to depend on a reliable WiFi connection to keep the high speed.

Will people wait out the slow speed to avoid hopping on WiFi? More than likely not. About 57% of consumers will abandon a page if it hasn’t loaded in three seconds. Think about the frustration you would face when quickly trying to fact check something online, but the page is taking forever to load. Fortunately, with SmartWifi quick and reliable WiFi is provided!

2. Hotspots from a mobile device aren’t included

Sure your guest could use their own data for their phone or tablet, but when they begin using other devices like a laptop it’s not so easy. The user can set up a hotspot, but just like the unlimited data, there is a limit to the high-speed. Once that speed diminishes, they’ll need something easier and quicker. That’s when they’ll turn to WiFi. From there you as the owner or marketer get access to rich analytics that not only help you grow your list, but also help you understand your customer better.

3. Unlimited Data means nothing if there’s no service

Unlimited data is nice, but if you’re in a structure or location that has little to no access to the wireless carrier’s services then that unlimited data is useless. That’s when guest WiFi is more important than ever! If a guest wants to use their device they’ll need to hop on the guest WiFi. When they sign onto SmartWifi’s guest wifi, you’re gaining brand recognition from the login splash page, as well as the opportunity to boost your social following.

4. Give them a reason to sign on

Unlimited data or not, your guest will need a reason to sign onto your WiFi – so give them a reason. Whether it’s an offer, discount or even a prize – give them a reason to want to log onto your free guest WiFi. Once they do, you can give them the ultimate customer experience. The insights and data gathered will help you craft better marketing towards your customers, personalized journeys, and quality research around your customer.

A successful customer experience is highly valued by the guests of your venue. Connecting them to guest WiFi, such as SmartWifi, gives you the opportunity to learn about your customer. Using data you can get a feel of who your customer is, what their interests are and how to give them a memorable experience that will turn them into loyal customers. That is why guest WiFi has become more important now more than ever.

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