Engineers Corner: Remodeling? Plan Your Wireless Access Points

Remodeling an office can be a heavy burden involving many decisions, such as replacing wireless access points. TEC Engineer Alex discusses how he chose a solution that would provide faster and reliable transmissions to employees.

The Situation

As a customer was remodeling one of their branch offices, they also planned on replacing their existing Cisco Aironet 2602’s with Meraki Access Points. The building design called for the addition of a “classroom” where the customer would be hosting training sessions during business hours. With that, we needed something that would withstand the influx of trainees connecting to the same access points as the corporate employees and ensure that workflow would not be disrupted.

The Solution

The two products we had in mind for this project were the MR42 and the MR52. Unlike the MR42 with a 3×3 spatial stream, the MR52 is equipped with a 4×4 spatial stream. This difference means it has both an extra transmitter and an extra receiver to provide faster and more reliable transmissions to clients. We chose the MR52 to better support the spikes in wireless-user density when class is in session without compromising corporate performance.

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