Do you know enough about your guests to deliver a personalized experience?

The first step in successful marketing is research. You need to know your customer before you can truly give them a personalized experience that fits their likes and needs. But what insights do you need to help give you guests the ultimate customer experience? We give you three ways to get a deeper dive into your customers’ interests, thoughts and behaviors that will give you the insights in creating the perfect customer experience.

3 ways to better understand your customers

1. Learn their social interests

Get a deeper dive into what your guests are interested in with their social likes. Learn what they like to make your venue geared towards their interests. If you find your guests predominately like country music, change your background music to such.

Social interests can also help you discover how and where you should be advertising. For example, if you see a large portion of your customers are baseball fans consider advertising at a baseball stadium. You can get in front of where your guests are going and grab their attention. Or with the information, you can create a marketing campaign that has to do with their interest.

Every successful marketing campaign starts with research and with SmartWifi’s wifi analytics, you can learn more about your customer to help you succeed.


2. Hear what customers are saying about you

What better way to learn about customers then to hear their thoughts in reviews. Collect valuable feedback for your business with TripAdvisor. Use those insights to improve your service and create happier customers who are likely to return.

TripAdvisor reviews increased 218% with the help of SmartWifi. Let your customer sign onto the free guest wifi and direct them to leave a review of your venue or store. Hear firsthand what people are saying.


3. See guests’ behaviors in your venue

Learn about how your customers interact with your space. The traffic maps used in SmartWifi enable you to identify hot spots, dead areas and bottlenecks within your physical space. You can fully understand the customer’s journey within the physical space and can optimize windows displays, validate product placement and A/B test new store concepts with clear visual actions.


So how do you collect this data without spending a lot of money solely on research? That’s where SmartWifi comes in. You can get all this information to better understand your guests through the guest wifi that you provide. There’s no need for focus groups or long, time-wasting surveys. You get to know the guests that are visiting your store. Increase customer spend through targeted communications based on insights through the monetization of free wifi.

Learn more about how you can enhance the customer experience!

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