What is the Hyperconverged Data Center?

Welcome to the Hyperconverged Data Center. It runs faster. It manages easier. It grows as needed. It’s on-prem. It’s hosted. It’s hybrid. It’s managed. It’s Cloud. It’s the data your company runs on. Right now.


The Hyperconverged Data Center

What is the Hyperconverged Data Center? It is an architecture that is faster, highly scalable, and easily managed.

Using Cisco’s HyperFlex hyperconverged architecture, TEC can bring your compute, storage, and network together into a completely integrated solution that:

  • Serves your data faster by doing away with traditional silos
  • Can grow and be reallocated dynamically
  • Enables you to monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot from a single console

And the HyperFlex architecture can be implemented on premise, as a hosted solution, or as a hybrid solution.

Data Center Resources

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Cisco HyperFlex Hyperconverged Compute and Storage



Provisioning, growing, and allocating computing power and storage resources across departments and apps is made simple with the Cisco’s HyperFlex.

With HyperFlex the compute and storage resources for each node that is added to a cluster are pooled to be provisioned as needed.

With HyperFlex, you can now reallocate the resources that were underutilized in the classic dedicated server model and make them available where they’re needed.

Cisco HyperFlex System Management

In a classic, siloed environment, with one tool to manage storage arrays, another tool to manage departmental servers, and another tools to monitor the network, just identifying the reason why “the network is slow” meant using multiple tools to determine the source of the slow.

Is a processor pinned at 100%? Is it an I/O issue? Is it a packet issue?

This hyperconverged approach enables you to provision network compute and storage resources from a single management console, and troubleshoot issues from that same console.

This is the HyperFlex hyperconverged data center.

Cisco HyperFlex Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Implementing a Virtual Desktop approach can mean:

  • Shorter time-to-delivery of employee computers
  • Shorter time-to-deployment of enterprise applications
  • and greater security of corporate data, which always resides in the data center

Cisco HyperFlex Virtual Desktop Infrastructure comes pre-configured to support virtual desktop solutions.

Cisco HyperFlex VDI enables you to provide your users with a consistent user experience and brings operational simplicity to your IT staff, while providing the the compute and storage resource efficiency HyperFlex brings.

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