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IT director handling ransomware attack

Life after a ransomware attack

Security breaches are happening every day and more and more they result in a ransomware attack. Hackers are creating advanced malware that can evade even the best detection tools. See how one company dealt with this ever-growing threat landscape.

The Situation

The Director of Information Technology at a mid-market transportation and logistics company had various security tools, from web and spam filters to end-points. Even still, his company had two file servers get hit with Ransomware that resulted in down time and loss of productivity. They were also looking for a way to consolidate vendor support and in-house knowledge of their tools. They were dealing with constant updating and configuration changes that never seemed effective and, on top of that, was expensive.


The Solution

It was clear that the company needed a solution that would go beyond point-in-time capabilities. Most antivirus products would only alert them of an issue and then they would have to use a 3rd party tool to clean the virus or malware. Cisco Advanced Malware protection (AMP), though, goes beyond and is built to protect organizations before, during and after an attack. AMP is able to block policy-violating threats immediately and notify their IT group when there is a threat detection.


Next Steps

Fortunately for this customer, there was no financial damage or loss of reputation with customers, but they did suffer 16 hours restoring from offsite backups and verifying the ransomware did not spread to other servers.

If you want some peace of mind from security or have suffered a malware or ransomware attack yourself, find out more about our security solutions here. Or contact us and we can evaluate how AMP can help you defend your organization against advanced cyber attacks.

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