TEC Communications was the first Cisco Partner in Cleveland and all of Northeast Ohio area. Since the early 1990s we have enjoyed a close relationship with the Cleveland Cisco office because of our technical knowledge and our unique ability to deliver upon that knowledge. As a Cisco partner we focus on building technology solutions that will help transform your business and drive results.

Cisco Data Center

Read how our solutions and services resolve real life business challenges.

Store and manage your data with Cisco and TEC solutions and services. Data Center services ensure your network is operating at optimal performance regardless of the demands and the usage your team puts the network through. Your network in the cloud, managed by highly skilled Cisco certified technicians, gives you the peace of mind that you will never lose your information if a disaster were to strike. Find out how TEC has been helping the Cleveland area with Cisco Cloud and Data Center solutions by contacting us here.

Cisco Collaboration

Discover how our Cisco Collaboration solutions and services expand your ability to communicate across multiple channels.


Together, TEC and Cisco can help with your business’s customer service, productivity and efficiency through Cisco’s experience centric, cloud connected and value extended collaboration solutions. Cisco offers flexible collaboration solutions such as video conferencing, instant messaging and more that keep your business connected.

Cisco Unified Communications

Connect your business’s team and information efficiently with Cisco Unified Communications. Cisco UC solutions allows your business to simplify sending messages and making calls to help keep your company connected.


Cisco Jabber

Cisco instant messaging service Jabber allows your business’s team to be able to connect and collaborate anywhere on any device. Increase business productivity with the ability to contact through instant messaging, voice, video, desktop sharing and conferencing using Cisco Jabber.


Cisco helps you keep connected with your contacts through video conferencing. Find out how together Cisco and TEC can help keep your company succeed in collaboration by contacting us here.

Cisco Wireless

Read how our Cisco Wireless solutions and services resolve real life business challenges.

TEC and Cisco work together to find the best wireless solutions to help with continuous connectivity and optimized collaboration everywhere business takes you. Give your company the ability to work quicker and increase productivity with secure mobile device management, a lightning fast Wi-Fi network and Cisco’s wireless LAN services.

Cisco cyberSecurity

Read how our Cisco Security solutions and services help your business work safer, not slower.

Cisco Cybersecurity keeps your business safe from network hacks that put your business’s information and data at risk. Cisco’s advanced malware protection, firewall services and other security solutions secures and protects your content, data center, email and cloud from damaging attacks. Don’t let cyber attacks slow down your business operations, act quickly to protect your company with Cisco’s cybersecurity solutions.


Cisco has Next-Generation Firewalls that will protect your business’s information and data from being hacked by a harmful cyber-attack. Arm your business with advanced defenses and block threats from slowing your company down. Find out more about Cisco and TEC’s firewall solutions by contacting us here.

Cloud Web Security

Cisco Cloud Web Security (CWS) helps businesses by enforcing secure communication to and from the internet. CWS helps with web filtering and web security.

Firepower services

Cisco FirePower gives your company the security it needs by addressing the attack before, during and after. FirePower’s intelligent cybersecurity solutions allows you to act more quickly.

Advanced Malware Protection

Cisco Advance Malware Protection (AMP) has rapid detection of malware and is quick to respond and repair. Cisco AMP provides protection with your business’s network, endpoints, servers and data centers, mobile devices, virtual environments and email and web gateways.

Cisco Cloud

Our Cisco Cloud solutions and services help your business work quicker and more secure.

Cisco Cloud solutions help innovate and transform your business’s data storing securely and more efficiently. Together, Cisco and TEC offer faster time to value, assured performance and continuous innovation with our Cloud services. See how Cisco Powered Cloud sets the standard for cloud and managed services here.

Find out how TEC has been serving the greater Cleveland metropolitan area with successful Cisco Cloud strategies by contacting us today.