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5 Tips for Choosing a Next-Generation Endpoint Security Solution

You know that the devices your people use on your network are some of the greatest points of cyber security vulnerability so you want the best network security tool possible to prevent and combat cyber-attacks. Here are 5 tips for choosing the best Endpoint Security Solution for your network.

Engineers Corner: Remodeling? Plan Your Wireless Access Points

Remodeling an office can be a heavy burden involving many decisions, such as replacing wireless access points. TEC Engineer Alex discusses how he chose a solution that would provide faster and reliable transmissions to employees.

The Situation

As a customer was remodeling one of their branch offices, they also planned on…

Balancing VPN Security and Ease of Use

VPN Security – What could go Wrong??
Remote worker frustrated with VPN security

Nearly everybody uses multiple devices to connect to the network wherever they are and you know your company isn’t an exception. With these multiple endpoints, though, lies a greater risk of cyber hackers breaching your…

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