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What is a Next Generation Firewall?

By Frank Keogh
While the name, “Next Generation Firewall” sounds like one of those “hype” terms that marketers often use to get you excited about a product, this is one instance where the technology really lives up the to the name.

To understand what a Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) is, it…

What is Advanced Malware Protection (AMP)?

By Frank Keogh
As technologies evolve, fancy new names have to be created by technology vendors in order to differentiate today’s super-cool technology from yesterday’s super-cool-but-now-outdated technology.


This is the case with the label “Advanced Malware Protection”, or “AMP”.  AMP is the name given to the most current iteration of antivirus…

3 Essential Features of a Modern Enterprise Cybersecurity Solution

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In Cisco’s 2017 Annual Cybersecurity Report, Cisco’s SVP of Security, John N. Stewart, had the following to say:
“It’s really quite simple: The more attack vectors that go unnoticed and the longer we allow attackers time to exploit our systems and infrastructure, the greater their chance for…

Top 5 Damaging Ransomware Attacks

What one word can strike fear into end users, security pros, and CIOs? Ransomware. This malware has raised to infamy recently with many major-headline attacks hitting all over the world. These recent attacks don’t indicate a new form of attack, ransomware has actually been around just about as long…

The 5 MUST-haves for a successful digital workplace

Digital collaboration is supposed to make work easier, right? But if the tools that are supposed to make working together simple don’t actually boost productivity and efficiency, what’s the point?
About 88% of CEOs believe digital technologies are creating high value in operational efficiency. In order to have the operational…

Security Round Table

Recently TEC Communications hosted our Executive only Security Round Table Michael Wilcox, Cisco Chief Information Security Officer. While we had high level discussion on all things cybersecurity and the security issues that are prevalent today, we also enjoyed great food from Westwood Country Club!

Thank you to all that attended…