Our Team

We like what we do, which is why we’re really good at it. We are technology people. But see what else we enjoy when we’re not busy implementing technology solutions to make our clients’ businesses better.


Melanie Schilling

The laugh, it’s her signature! Melanie joined TEC in 1994 when a 56K line & 10 MB Ethernet were considered fast, cell phones were as big as a brick and Apples were something you ate. She has navigated sweeping changes in the industry while bringing creative solutions to her clients. She sold the first commercially installed Cisco VoIP phone system in Northern Ohio back in 2000. She enjoys using her creativity to help clients make business transformations with new technologies – using Smartphones, iPads and custom apps, “Let your imagination be your limit.” She enjoys a friendly game of golf on a sunny day.


Mike Schilling

Sr. Account Executive
Mike joined TEC in 1992 when stat multiplexers were in vogue and 56K lines were considered high speed. Since that time, Mike has artfully navigated the industry through its many technology changes. He enjoys the excitement and challenge each new technology trend brings. He has mastered the art of creative design for maximum impact in each client setting. Mike is a huge Syracuse Orange fan – maybe the only one in Cleveland! He is also an avid Browns fan and will readily admit that he cares too much about fantasy football. When not spending time with the family, Mike enjoys hockey, tennis and golf.


Chris Harris

Senior Systems Engineer
L2.4 miles, 112 miles, 26.2 miles = 1 Ironman; Chris has completed three! Chris joined TEC in 1999. During his tenure, he has focused on solving complex problems. He holds a wide assortment of certifications and specializations in the VoIP technologies (Cisco, Adtran). Chris enjoys learning new technologies and the challenges they present. His calm demeanor, probably from all the workout miles, brings a thoughtful and methodical process to his design approach and problem solving expertise. When Chris isn’t using his ingenuity and creativity with customer applications, you may see him training for his next Ironman. Some of our partners and clients think he has a big red “S” under his shirt and a cape in his backpack!


Pieter Canters

Senior Systems Engineer
Als ik bier drink, drink ik liefs Newcastle Brown Ale. In English, that translates to “If I drink beer, I prefer to drink New Castle Brown Ale”. Pieter has been with TEC since 1995 so you can’t pick up his Dutch accent. Pieter joined TEC after receiving his Master’s in Information Systems in 1993. During his time at TEC he has earned many vendor certifications and worked on a variety of technologies from X.25 to Frame Relay to VoIP to Data Center. His years of experience with a wide assortment of technologies enable him to quickly identify and solve problems. He has a light hearted approach which helps in the heat of the battle. When he is not helping clients, he enjoys playing golf.


Frank Keogh

Senior Systems Engineer
The short, quiet guy… OK, so maybe at 6’ 4” he’s short for an NBA player. Frank has been with TEC for over 13 years. Frank came to TEC with an assortment of skills and has quickly added numerous certifications (Cisco, Adtran, VMware to name a few) to his skill set. His methodical approach to problem solving enables him to provide a clear path to a solution. Frank’s unique combination of skills provides him with the knowledge base and tools for security and data center design and management. If he asks you about your “cloud” strategy, it’s an effort to better assist you with your data center design. Frank enjoys St. Patrick’s Day, a good beer and a round of golf.

Alex Hervey

Systems Engineer
Alex joined the engineering team after completing a highly successful internship with us.  He graduated from Baldwin Wallace University with a computer science degree that focused on networking and security, as well as a MBA.  At TEC, Alex anchors our cloud and wireless area by pairing his tenacity to find solutions with his congenial personality.  Alex is also part of our security team. In his spare time, Alex is learning routing and switching.  Look for Alex on presales and onsite technical visits, doing wireless surveys, and being the first person chosen on any TEC cornhole team.  Outside of TEC, Alex plays drums, is a fantasy football fanatic, and he enjoys television comedies and Quentin Tarantino movies.