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Company Spotlight: Life After a Ransomware Attack

Organizations are under attack, and security breaches are happening every day. Hackers are creating advanced malware that can evade even the best detection tools. See how one company dealt with this ever-growing threat landscape.




The Situation
The Director of Information Technology at a mid-market transportation and logistics company had various security…

Inside Ransomware

Ransomware, it’s a big deal. But how much do you know about this cybersecurity threat?
Find out more on this damaging malware:

[i] David Fitzpatrick and Drew Griffin, “Ransomware is expected to gross cyberthieves $1 billion in 2016 says FBI,”  CNN Money, April 15, 2016 (http://money.cnn.com/2016/04/15/technology/ransomware-cyber-security/) [ii] “40 Percent of Enterprises…

How does your customer service stack up against Amazon?

What makes your favorite store your favorite store? More than likely it’s not just the products that compel you to return, but rather the experience. It’s reported that 97% of consumers say that customer experience is very important in their decision to return and make repeat purchases.

So what can…

5 Tips for Choosing a Next-Generation Endpoint Security Solution

When it comes to your network and data, you want to make sure you have the best security solutions. Make sure you follow these 5 tips for choosing an Endpoint Security Solution.
1. Prevention Capabilities
The first line of defense is prevention. You want to be able to prevent cyberattacks and…

Engineers Corner: Remodeling? Here’s something to consider

Remodeling an office can be a heavy burden involving many decisions, such as replacing wireless access points. TEC Engineer Alex discusses how he chose a solution that would provide faster and reliable transmissions to employees.

The Situation

As a customer was remodeling one of their branch offices, they also planned on…

Employees are the #1 reason you will be a target of ransomware

So how do you prevent your company from becoming victim to harmful malware and ransomware?

The answer is planning now and not waiting until it happens to you.
As an IT Director, your job is to make sure that the network is secure. Unfortunately not all users on the network understand…

An Employee Wants To Connect To The VPN.

What could go wrong??

Nearly everybody uses multiple devices to connect to the network wherever they are and you know your company isn’t an exception. With these multiple endpoints, though, lies a greater risk of hackers and security threats that could wreak havoc on your company’s network.

In the words of…